Tulum Hotels – Cabanas Copal Or Blue Tulum

There is a wealth of hotels to choose from in Tulum, the majority of which are rustic eco-cabana hotels. The large all inclusive resorts of Cancun and the large chain restaurants have not made it to Tulum. The town has instead opted to maintain a more hippie, laid back vibe, with the hotels utilizing the local woods to build there structures. Blue Tulum Resort and Spa is one of the only all inclusive hotels in Tulum, and we’ll explain more about it in a while.

The object of this article is to show you the two ends of the scale for your choice of Tulum hotel. Cabanas Copal is as basic as you can get, while Blue Tulum Resort and Spa is about as up-market and exclusive as you can get. Both of these properties obviously have price tags to match.

Cabanas Copal

Cabanas Copal Tulum is definitely not your average beach hotel, it is an eco retreat for a very different kind of experience. The guestrooms at Cabanas Copal are located at the edge of the jungle right beside the white sands of Tulum Beach. Now, this isn’t going to be for everyone. The cabanas don’t have electricity, but you use candle light, although some have private bathrooms with running water. Staying at Cabanas Copal is all about getting back to nature and letting go of all the conveniences of the modern world, basically just appreciating the beauty Tulum has to offer, including the wildlife. Iguanas are often found basking in the sun outside of your cabana. So if you are not fond of creatures that reside in the jungle then this is not the place for you.

Cabanas Copal Tulum offers people the chance to escape to paradise for a while, and live like Robinson Crusoe (although exquisite cuisine and tropical cocktails are never far away).

Blue Tulum Resort and Spa

If staying at Cabanas Copal sounds too much like roughing it, but you do want to experience the beauty of Tulum then Blue Tulum Resort and Spa is the place for you. This luxury Resort is located at the south of the Riviera Maya just outside of the town of Tulum. It is an all inclusive hotel, although unlike many of the other properties Blue Tulum only has 96 rooms. Blue Tulum epitomizes everything a luxury vacation should be, including elegant guestrooms with a myriad of amenities, incredible service, gourmet cuisine and a sense of being pampered at all times.

It is billed as a stress free gourmet inclusive resort where everything has been already thought of to ensure you have an incredibly relaxing stay. The Tulum Mayan Ruins are also located close by and the coral reef is just of shore for any fans of snorkeling. On the downside there is only a manmade beach at Blue Tulum, although the hotel offers transportation to the beach club a short ride away, however the other amenities and service definitely make up for this.

As you can see these are two very different types of hotels in Tulum. They both have their own unique charm to offer the vacationer and they are both excellent places to stay, depending on what constitutes a dream vacation for you.