An Adventure to Abu Gallum and the Blue Hole in Dahab

Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt offers many excellent organised trips and tours and one of the best in my opinion is visiting Ras Abu Gallum and the Blue Hole. This adventure can be arranged from hotels, but they will charge a commission for this privilege, making your trip more expensive.

The best solution to this is book your trip from one of the many tour agents found around Sharm, such as Naama Bay. At Naama bay there are so many selling this trip you can shop around to find the best deal. Do look at the Itenary of the trip that’s suits your needs as these trips do slightly vary from each tour operator.

The Abu Gallum and the Blue Hole trip only goes on certain days so if you only have a week in sharm its advisable to book early at the start of your holiday. The maximum party you will travel with is 6 to 8 persons as this is a comfortable number to get in a jeep.

This is an all day adventure so it will be best to prepare before you go, You will need to take a light bag or rucksack this is for your water and a towel, Remember do take plenty of water with you as temperatures do exceed to over 45c in summer. You will also need a snorkel kit, flippers, mask and snorkel. If you do not have your own you will be taken to a place were you can hire them at the start of your trip.

This is an adventure trip so ladies please were suitable footwear and not high heels.

The trip starts off early in the morning from your hotel or apartment by jeep, if your lucky you will be the last the pickup so you won’t be travelling all around sharms hotels for picking up other adventurers. You and your party of travellers head towards Nabq bay just before Nabq bay you will take a turn off the road and into the Sinai desert.

The Sinai desert is a region of incredible Beauty, The vast plains of the desert and the ever changing colours of the mountains make this a most memorable experiences. This is also home to the traditional Bedouin people. The Bedouins live and work in sharm some on the cruise boats and some as taxi drivers, in fact they will put there hands to anything in sharm. As you travel through the Sinai you will see the small villages and settlements of the Bedouins.

If you are ahead with time you may stop to take pictures of the Sinai landscape. An hour or so into to your trip you arrive at Ras Abu gallum Protectorate, this beautiful area stretches 400 km down the coastline between Dahab and Neweiba. Here you will park the jeep at the beach and prepare yourself for your camel ride, the camel will take you to the Blue Hole although the jeep will take you if your not sure about riding on a camel.

The camel ride is an excellent experience, the ride down the coastline of Ras Abu Gallum takes around 45 minutes, depending on how fast your camel goes that is. As you reach the Blue Hole be careful when the camel crouches down to let you off, the saddle has a hard handle and it can hurt your back if your not careful like I have experienced, put your bag behind you for protection. The camel driver the one who leads the camel will probably demand money off you for the trip, the ride is in with the price but you can give him baksheesh a tip if you want, 5 LE is enough.

Once off the camel you will be at Ras Abu Gallum’s most frequently visited spot the famous Blue Hole divers from all over the world have come to dive here. It has an 80 meter drop and is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and many different species of fish. Many divers have lost there lives here due to hidden caverns and not managing there breathing apparatus properly. But it is quite safe for snorkelling.

You will have an hours snorkel at the Blue Hole before lunch. Lunch is served in the Bedouin beach restaurant usually on the menu is fish which is freshly caught on the day and served up with a special home made rice dish. Here you may see Bedouin children selling little gifts, nice to have as a little reminder of your adventure to Ras Abu Gallum and the Blue Hole.

After you have rested for a while you can have another snorkel in the Blue Hole. Then its time to leave Ras Abu Gallum and the Blue Hole and head towards Dahab city. Here you are dropped off at the beach resort village which was mostly visited by Hippies in years gone past mainly because of its chilled back atmosphere. Dahab is now becoming a bit more upmarket now with the arrival of 4 and 5 star hotels and good restaurants Hand made souvenirs made by the locals are worth a buy. Dahab city certainly has not lost its charm.

After your visit to Dahab its back to the jeep to head back home to Sharm El Sheikh. You do get taken back to your hotel or apartment. The Ras Abu Gallum and the Blue Hole adventure starts around 8:00 in the morning and ends around 5:00 in the afternoon and the trip is quite strenuous.